Tips on how to manage back pain

Back Pain is one of the most common ailments around. It is thought that roughly 80% of Americans will suffer from it at some point in their lives, and it is the second most common reason for visiting the doctor. When you are experiencing it, you can find yourself unable to work and it can have a tangible effect on all aspects of life.

In many cases it is possible to fix the causes of back pain, however it is often necessary to manage the pain – at least temporarily. Luckily, there are things you can do to improve your quality of life, and reduce the discomfort you are experiencing.

Don’t let back pain affect your life

The first thing you should do when you feel pain coming on, is to try not to let it affect your routine. While you might feel like resting your spine, moving about is one of the best things you can do. Although it is important not to push yourself too hard, the human body is designed to be moved. Doing so keeps your body in the best possible state, and prevents muscles from getting stiff.

Keep yourself fit

A closely related tip is to make sure you stay in shape. Carrying extra weight can put stress on your back, besides all the other negative health effects it can have. A healthy lifestyle can go a long way towards making you feel better all round, and this is also true for your back. Smoking can also have adverse effects on your spine, so to avoid pain it is best to give it up.

Know when to use an ice pack

If the pain is caused by a strain or injury, putting an ice pack on it during the first forty eight hours after the incident can help stop swelling. This in turn helps take pressure off your nerves and muscles, generally resulting in less pain. An ice pack will also temporarily help numb the affected area and reduce soreness.

Adjust your posture

There are things you can do to try and ease an aching back in the long-term as well. Making some changes to your home and lifestyle can dramatically reduce the frequency of back pain episodes, as well as their severity. We spend a lot of our time hunched over desks or slumped on the sofa. These are not natural positions for our spines and this can intensify existing problems.

Often it just takes a few small adjustments to make a big difference to your situation. If you work in an office, sitting up straight at your desk with your screen directly at eye-level is one way of reducing pain. Specially designed ergonomic furniture can also be bought which supports your lower back. Keeping your back straight is also important while standing, and you should try to remember to maintain a proper posture as much as possible.

Stretch it out

A free and easy route to solving back pain could also be to practice particular stretching routines. Certain stretches can help you to manage your pain, and sometimes people can experience progress after just a few minutes. Stretches which arch your body backwards are best as we spend most of our time bent forwards. Some sufferers take up yoga and find that it helps them with an aching back.

Whilst all these tips can help to alleviate back pain, they are for the most part fairly obvious, and such simple tips will not necessarily have any effect on more severe pain. For more specialised treatment, it may be well worth considering a more scientific approach to back pain such as through a stem cell procedure. For more information about the possibilities of this route for solving back-pain, contact us today.

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  1. I loved reading here about how to take care of your back so that you will not have back pains in the future! My grandmother is always telling me that I need to correct my posture or else I will end up like her, so that is something that I need to work on for sure. Just like you said, making sure that we do not hunch over at the desk is one of the simple things we can do every day that will have a lasting impact. Thanks again!

  2. I like that you mentioned talking to a professional. My dad is having back pain and is looking to get relief. I’ll be sure to talk to him about finding a professional.

  3. I liked that you said that the first thing I should do when I feel the pain coming on, is to try not to let it affect my routine. I have an old injury which reminds me of itself every now and then, and I do my best not to the back pain ruin my day. But sometimes it is so strong that I think that I need to get a specialist look at it and prescribe me some treatment.

  4. It is good that you talked about how back pain treatment should start as conservative treatments and move to more invasive ones if they don’t work. My back(last 2 month) has been hurting for a while now and has no idea what is causing it. I can see that it is always a good idea to consult with a doctor and make sure you know what the problem is so you don’t have to live in pain all the time.

  5. I like that you mention how making some changes to your home and lifestyle can dramatically reduce both the frequency and severity of back pain episodes. A good way to figure out what changes you need to make the improvements that will help, such as improving your posture, would probably be to work with a doctor that specializes in lower back pain. Working with a professional could help you learn ways to help and give you the chance to have someone to go to whenever there’s a problem or if you have a question.

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