Most Advanced Stem Cell Therapy for Back Pain and Joint Pain. FDA compliant procedure done by an Expert. Nationally Recognised.

No Surgery. No Drugs. Use “your” Cells to treat Pain. Has traditional medical care has failed? Find out if you qualify for the Most Advanced Stem Cell Therapy for Back Pain and Joint Pain in Cincinnati.

Why are stem cells revolutionary for Back Pain and Joint Pain?

Use “your” Cells to Cure your Back Pain and Joint Pain

Looking for the best stem cell therapy for back pain and Joint Pain Cincinnati? Stem Cell Therapy for Back Pain and joint pain is the new revolution. In spite of multiple treatments and visiting many doctors, people continue to seek lower back pain relief and joint pain relief. Fortunately, due to recent advances in stem cell procedures, we can now inject YOUR stem cells into the Discs and joints to get lower back pain relief and joint pain relief. Stem cells are special cells which secrete powerful chemicals to treat the damaged discs and joints and relieve lower back pain and joint pain. This is not science fiction. It’s a reality. We can now use YOUR cells to treat your back pain. NO DRUGS. NO SURGERY. This is a quote from the FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb, “This is no longer the stuff of science fiction. This is the practical promise of modern applications of regenerative medicine.”

Stem Cell Therapy for Back Pain and Joint Pain is a Minimally Invasive Procedure.

Stem cell therapy for back pain and Joint Pain is an office-based procedure. It is minimally invasive and takes about one and half hour. There are no incisions or cuts. General anesthesia is not required. Since it is an office-based therapy and general anesthesia is not needed, it is affordable for many patients.

Excellent results for lower back pain and joint pain using your own Stem Cells

Preliminary clinical studies are showing excellent results when Stem cells are injected into the discs to treat back pain and joint pain. We are also having similar results and our patients are very satisfied with this procedure

Bone marrow Stem Cells are the most compliant with FDA among all Stem Cells.

Since we use YOUR bone marrow stem cells to treat Lower Back Pain and Joint Pain , this seems to the most FDA compliant procedure. There are a lot of other clinics who offer Stem Cell procedures for back pain. However, they use stem cells from Amniotic tissue and umbilical tissue from other patients. These injections are not FDA approved and most importantly, they are not your cells. Some clinics use Stem Cells taken from your fat tissue but this not FDA approved either. These clinics usually do not have qualified physicians performing the procedures. Beware of these shady clinics!!! It is your health and money.

Why are we the Premier Stem Cell Clinic in Cincinnati?

StemCures is a physician owned and managed entity. Two words separate us from the rest. Expertise and Affordable.


Dr.Atluri is one of the most experienced Interventional Spine Specialist in the Greater Cincinnati area. He is the Co-Editor for one of the largest textbook on Stem Cell Therapy. He teaches other physicians about this procedure. His expertise is well recognized locally and nationally. Dr.Atluri is part of the team which wrote the ASIPP guidelines for stem cells to treat back pain. He has performed thousands of spinal procedures over a period of about 20 years. He is one of few physicians in the country who is Certified in Regenerative Medicine by ASIPP and the only one in the tri-state area. Unlike most physicians, Dr.Atluri uses smaller needles for bone marrow aspirations. This results in less pain during and after the procedure.


StemCures is able to offer the most competitive rates for stem cell therapy for back pain and Joint Pain in the nation because it is an office based procedure. That means you have only one bill for physician services. There is no separate bill for a “facility” like a Hospital or Surgery Center. Since we use only Sedation and do not utilise Anesthesia, the procedure can be more affordable. We are thus able to pass on these cost savings to the patient. However Quality of Care is never compromised. StemCures also offers other innovative procedures for back pain which are more easily affordable and some of them are covered by Insurance plans

Meet Dr. Atluri- Back Pain Specialist

Expertise, experience, excellence

Stem Cell procedures for lower back pain must be performed by highly qualified and trained physicians. If not, it can result in suboptimal outcomes and can increase the rate of complications. Dr.Atluri has 20 years experience in Interventional Spine Procedures. He has received extensive training in Stem Cell Procedures in the back and joints.