Cincinnati Lower Back & Knee Pain Specialist

dr.sairam atluri- stem cell expert

Dr. Atluri is a National Expert in Stem Cell Therapy and is passionate about using YOUR stem cells to relieve your pain.

His favorite quote, “Treat Pain with Cells. Not Pills”

His Stem Cell Credentials

Dr. Sairam Atluri is a pioneer of stem cell therapy in the United States. He is one of the very few in the country performing intra-discal and subchondral injections to treat back pain and joint pain.

For his pioneering work, he was awarded the prestigious Raj and Manchikanti award of excellence by the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP).

He gives national talks and teaches other physicians about stem cell therapy.  Dr.Atluri is a faculty at the annual meetings of the top stem cell organizations like ASIPP, IOF, and TOBI. He is also a co-editor of the largest textbook about regenerative medicine and pain management. Dr. Atluri is part of the team which wrote the ASIPP guidelines for the safe and responsible use of stem cells to treat back pain. He is one of the few in the country to be certified in Regenerative Medicine by the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians [ASIPP]. He is also an examiner for ASIPP certification which qualifies other physicians to perform stem cell procedures.

Dr.Atluri published the First prospective, controlled clinical trial to prove the efficacy of Stem Cell Therapy to treat chronic low back pain. He is also part of the team which did a systematic review to establish the efficacy of stem cell therapy to treat back pain which was published in the Journal, “Pain Physician” which is the official journal of ASIPP.

Dr.Atluri also published an article about the ability of stem cells to treat seriously ill Covid-19 patients who are not responding to traditional treatments. Another article about the safety and utility of stem cells to treat organ failure has been authored by him.

He is also a peer-reviewer for the journals, “Frontiers- Immunology” and “Pain Physician”.

His Pain Management Credentials

Dr. Atluri is the most published author in pain management in the tri-state area. He has published 38 [and counting] articles in peer-reviewed journals regarding pain management. Dr. Atluri was chosen as one of the top pain doctor in the nation by the prestigious Becker’s review. Dr. Atluri is one of the very few who is double board certified in pain management by American Board of Interventional Pain Physicians and World Institute of Pain. He is also board certified in anesthesia. He is also an examiner for the ABIPP [American Board of Interventional Pain Physicians] Board examination which board certifies other pain physicians.

He trains other Physicians in Stem Cell Therapy and Pain Management

Dr. Sairam Atluri is an instructor for cadaver courses conducted by American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians and he trains other Interventional pain physicians in the performance of spinal procedures and stem cell procedures. He frequently gives lectures to other physicians about the power of stem cells to treat pain.

He is Well Published

He is the co-author of the Regenerative Medicine Guidelines put forth by ASIPP. Dr. Atluri is a co-author for Guidelines of Opioid Management and Interventional Procedures from American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians. He also wrote a chapter in a textbook regarding Epidural Injections. Dr. Sairam Atluri is a local expert in pain management. He has been featured in many articles in the Cincinnati Enquirer. Dr. Atluri has been consistently chosen every year by his peers as “Top Doctor” in pain management by the survey from Cincinnati Magazine Dr. Sairam Atluri is on the Governor’s Task Force for the Ohio State Medical Association to prevent Prescription Opioid Abuse. He is on expert witness panel for the State Medical Board of Ohio to prosecute physicians causing the epidemic of prescription opioid abuse.

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