Cincinnati Spine and Joint Pain Specialist

Dr. Harris is a National Expert in Stem Cell Therapy and is passionate about using YOUR stem cells to relieve your pain.

His favorite quote, “Stem cells are the future of the medicine!”

His Stem Cell Credentials

Dr. Harris first became interested in stem cell therapy 5 years ago while working at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.  It was here that he honed his skills providing stem cell therapies for active-duty members and veterans with chronic back and joint pain. Since partnering with Stemcures, Dr. Harris has refined his technique by adopting Dr. Atluri’s special stem cell extraction method, thereby getting three times the number of stem cells and improving the overall result from the therapy. With an unwavering dedication to his work, Dr. Harris has become a respected authority and a trusted name in the industry. His impressive academic background, coupled with extensive practical experience, has shaped him into one of the leaders in stem cell therapy.

His Pain Management Credentials

Dr. Brandon Harris is a distinguished professional who has made significant contributions in the field of interventional pain medicine. A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, Dr. Harris has over 15 years of experience treating chronic pain. Dr. Harris is board-certified in anesthesiology and interventional pain medicine, receiving his training at world reknown institutions such as New York Presbyterian Hospital Weill-Cornell, Hospital for Special Surgery and Memorial Sloan-Kettering.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of knowledge, Dr. Harris has consistently pushed the boundaries of his discipline, constantly seeking innovative solutions to complex pain problems. His deep understanding and mastery of the subject matter have allowed him to tackle challenges head-on, delivering groundbreaking research and advancements that have had a profound impact in the field of pain medicine.

He trains other Physicians in Stem Cell Therapy and Pain Management

As a renowned expert, Dr. Harris has not only excelled in his own professional growth but has also demonstrated a strong commitment to mentoring and guiding the next generation of professionals. His passion for education shines through as he inspires and empowers aspiring individuals to reach their full potential by teaching the latest and most advanced interventional therapies.  While at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dr. Harris was actively involved in training other air force pain physicians on interventional pain therapies, including stem cell and PRP treatments.

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