Dr. Atluri
Dr. Atluri

Dr. Atluri is a pioneer of stem cell research. He has helped hundreds of patients in his stem cell clinic in Cincinnati, OH and has over 10+ years experience with extensive stem cell research.

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At Stem Cures, we seek to alleviate lower back, knee, and arthritis pain in our patients using cutting-edge stem cell research resulting in new treatments and emerging technology. Using your body’s own stem cells taken from your bone marrow, we treat chronic pain and our patients have experienced life-changing results.


Is stem cell therapy proven?

While there has been much debate and several misconceptions surrounding stem cell therapy, our clinical trials have proven that our procedures are effective at providing relief and managing pain. At Stem Cures, we are committed to leading the charge to have bone marrow stem cell therapy approved by FDA, and our research clearly shows that we are on the right track.


What is stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy is a continuously evolving regenerative medical treatment that has been proven effective in managing chronic pain in adults. Using your own healthy stem cells, we are able to replace damaged cells in areas of your body that are causing you pain. For many patients, stem cell treatment is a great alternative to major surgical procedures.


What are stem cells?

To put it simply, stem cells are the foundational material upon which the rest of the human body is built. They can develop into many other cell forms, all of which have specialized functions. The cells created by stem cells, often referred to as “daughter cells” can go on to become cells that make up your major organs, blood, bone, and muscle. Most importantly, they are able to repair damaged tissue, and unlike any other cells in your body, they are able to create new cell types. While there are four types of stem cells, the ones that we use for our treatments are adult stem cells, found in a healthy patient’s bone marrow. It is very important to be aware of the fact that adult stem cells do not merit the ethical concerns that have been hotly debated surrounding embryonic stem cells.


How do stem cells work?

Stem cell therapy works to harness the power of your own healthy adult stem cells to help reduce and, in some cases, even eliminate pain. To acquire stem cells, bone marrow is drawn, and then placed in a centrifuge machine that removes the useful parts of the stem cells. The

concentrated parts of those cells are then injected into the part of the body where the pain persists. The stem cells are activated when they sense inflammation, signaling them to begin secreting anti-inflammatory proteins. Stem cells cannot cure pain or inflammation, however they are proven to help the body heal to a degree that the pain is manageable or eliminated altogether.


What can I expect from my stem cell procedure?

Stem cell therapy is administered through one of four different types of injections. These types include intravenous injection, intra-articular injection, intramuscular injection, or through an intrathecal procedure, which you more commonly hear referred to as a lumbar puncture. The type of procedure you can expect will vary depending on the location of the pain you are experiencing.

Once you’ve received your stem cell procedure, your body will generate new cells for as long as one whole year, and while the time it takes to feel results differs from patient to patient, some patients will experience a reduction in pain within one to two weeks.


How effective is stem cell therapy?

Bone marrow stem cells have the best safety record among all of the stem cells that have been used to treat pain. They also have the most clinical trials showing efficacy in relieving pain, including our own published case studies. The main factors at play in determining the efficacy of stem cell therapy include the severity of the injury, your age, your lifestyle habits, and the type of stem cells used. Every procedure performed by our team at Stem Cures utilizes your own healthy adult stem cells.

When compared to surgical procedures, stem cell therapy is proven to have a lower complication rate and can be equally effective. Studies show that patients experiencing knee pain, lower back pain, and joint pain may experience success in managing their pain with stem cell treatments. Bone marrow stem cell therapy presents a viable alternative to traditional treatments for back pain, and in some cases can slow or reverse the progression of degenerative discs and joints.


Is stem cell therapy safe?

The most common form of stem cell therapy that is approved by the FDA is used to treat patients with certain blood cancers. Out of all of the stem cells used for pain management, bone marrow stem cells are the most FDA-compliant. Before receiving any form of stem cell therapy for pain management, you should ensure that you receive bone marrow stem cells, as they are the only cells allowed by the FDA.

That said, every procedure, including stem cell therapy, does come with risks. Because adult stem cell therapy uses your own healthy stem cells, it’s rare, however the unique risk of a stem cell procedure is an infection. Other minor risks include pain, fainting, light-headedness, and allergic reactions. The chance of experiencing these possibilities is quite low, and the important thing to remember is that the risks associated with stem cell therapy are dramatically lower than the risks of standard surgical operations.


What are the side effects of stem cell therapy?

There are a few side effects patients may or may experience in the aftermath of a stem cell procedure. Common examples include fatigue, headache, and nausea. Patients may experience fever or chills, too, though all of these symptoms are expected to clear up within a matter of hours. It’s also possible for patients to experience a lack of appetite, diarrhea, and dryness of the eye and mouth after the procedure.


How long do the results of stem cell therapy last?

Though stem cell therapy cannot cure pain or inflammation, studies show that it can significantly help alleviate pain. Our case studies show that stem cell therapy is highly effective, and while long-term outcomes differ from patient to patient, we have seen results lasting anywhere from six months to fifteen years. It’s uncommon for patients to receive multiple procedures, repeating treatment is safe and possible if necessary.

Despite the fact that stem cell technology remains relatively new medical science, clinical trials have proven that patient success rates are high, with 70 to 80% of patients reporting significant results.


Stem Cell Therapy is the Best Alternative to Traditional Surgery

The biggest benefit of stem cell therapy is that it gives patients a safe and minimally invasive alternative to surgery for pain-related issues, and most importantly, stem cell therapy is a proven, effective method to manage pain. Stem cell treatments can tremendously impact your quality of life, and we are only at the beginning of the journey to unlocking the full range of possibilities that stem cells present. Today, many forms of stem cell therapy remain in clinical trial phases, but we are slowly but surely seeing this powerful, proven medical innovation being adopted in clinics all around the world. For many, the most effective way to reduce chronic pain is to receive stem cell therapy treatments.


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