Why are stem cells revolutionary for back pain?

Disc disease is the the most common cause of Back Pain. Due to either aging or trauma or genetic factors, Disc undergoes deterioration resulting in pain. Disc is a dynamic structure constantly undergoing repair. This repair process is mainly orchestrated by the Stem Cells which reside in our Discs.

Unfortunately, our Discs do not have enough Stem Cells to fight this degenerative process. When this repair process is not able to keep up with damage process, Inflammation and Pain occur. Our degenerative Discs clearly need more Stem Cells. This is how extracting Stem Cells from your hip and injecting into the Disc helps.

Every tissue in our body has Stem Cells and they are responsible to keep the tissues healthy by repairing any damage. They also replace dead cells. Without Stem Cells, life cannot be sustained. Most importantly, they are programmed for “Homing” or find a home. Damaged cells in Disc are constantly sending distress signals. Stem cells recognise these signals and lodge or “Home” in the area they are needed and get to work.

Firstly, they secrete useful chemicals which “kick start” the Native Stem Cells in the Disc into action. The Injected Stem Cells also prevent the Native Disc Cells from dying. These Activated Native Disc cells now produce more Collagen and Gel which are very vital to make the Disc stronger. Secondly, the Injected Stem Cells have an amazing capability to become new disc cells which in turn produce more Collagen and Gel. Thirdly, the New stem cells and the Activated Native disc cells produce a lot of Anti-Inflammatory chemicals which aid in the repair process. Additionally, Stem Cells also have Immunomodulatory effects which also prevent damage to the Disc.