Diane Patrick

In this landmark study by Pettine’s group, 26 patients with lower back pain had their lumbar discs injected with stem cells which were extracted from the bone marrow. After 2 years, 21 patients (81%) avoided surgery and had pain reduction of 71%. Their function improved by 64%. Additionally, 40% patients had improvements seen on the follow up MRI’s. No complications were reported.

Sandy Pollitt

Nine  years of low back pain eliminated with a 15 minute stem cell procedure. For years I tried different meds, injections, acupuncture, daily yoga, physical therapy, massage therapy and even a few unconventional approaches. When I met Dr.Atluri, I was relieved he never tried to dismiss me with an uncertain autoimmune disorder as other medical professionals had.

Vickie MooreSandy Pollitt

After many chronic pain issues and procedures on my spine area my chiropractor referred me to this great Doctor, Dr.Atluri. The doctor suggested that i get a different procedure done this time to help me find some final relief. I was skeptical because I had been suffering for about 4-5 years.Thank you so much Dr.Atluri for doing what you love and helping me.