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“Stem cell research can revolutionize medicine, more than anything since antibiotics”- Ron Reagan

Back Pain is very common affecting millions of Americans. Traditional Medicine in the form of Medications, Physical Therapy, Injections and Surgery has failed many. We now have a clinically proven breakthrough procedure for Back Pain. For the first time we can use your own Stem Cells to repair the damage of your spine. This results in Pain Relief. Majority of Back Pain is a result of inflammation of Discs and Facet joints. These joints have Stem cells which are trying to fight this inflammation and degeneration. Stem cells are our body’s “Repair Cells” [See the section on How “Stem Cells Work” for more details]. Every tissue in our body has Stem Cells and they are responsible to keep the tissues healthy by repairing any damage. They also replace dead cells. However, our Discs and Facet joints do not have enough of these Stem Cells to combat Inflammation. This imbalance causes Back Pain.

The good news is that your Bone Marrow in the Hip has Stem Cells which are dormant and are waiting to help. Under Local Anesthesia in a relatively painless procedure, we extract these valuable cells and concentrate them. This rich solution has a high percentage of Stem Cells, Platelets and Growth factors which is capable of fighting Inflammation and degeneration. Again, using Local Anesthesia, we inject this rich solution into the Disc and Facet joints. This enables the once dormant cells to combat Inflammation in the Disc and Facet joints to promote Regeneration and help with pain. Dr.Atluri is unique because he is one of the few physicians who injects the discs and facets joints in one sitting. This “single setting” approach is a more comprehensive way to address your back pain. This office based procedure is done under mild sedation and because of Local Anesthesia, it is relatively painless and takes about one hour. There is minimal recovery time. Harness the power of your Stem Cells to heal from within. Cure Pain with Cells not Pills.

11 things you must know about Stem Cell spine injections

Stem cells are specialised cells in your body which form new tissue and replace damaged tissues. They also secrete chemicals which are powerful anti inflammatory effects. This results in pain relief.

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